such”I weigh 93 kilograms

such”I weigh 93 kilograms!”

A member of Triforce Narimasu, named “K” told me before class.

“K” is currently undergoing “training & nutrition consultation”.

Mr. K’s goal should be 89 kg from his current 98 kg.

“K” told me, “I want to lose weight because I want to eliminate health concerns!”

If you are overweight, problems will arise in various ways such as, lower back pain, knee pain, etc.

If you review your daily meals and improve your weight, you can expect to reduce the risk of diseases and pains.

K practices jiu – jitsu, exercises, and has reviewed his meals since September 2nd.

Results of review.

By the 20th, his weight decreased by about 5 kilograms \ (· ω ·) /

Mr. K, I am amazed!

K had typically eaten as much as he wanted, so eating only the amount the nutrition consultant suggested was stressful.

He went back to eating the amounts that he did before.

“I am hungry …”

I was fasting in preparation for an MMA tournament in the United States.

Since I was unaware at the time I was cutting weight so dangerously , my head was spinning until the day of the weigh in. I was lucky to successfully pass the weigh-in and remember eating plenty of pancakes afterwards.

We now know, it is possible to lose weight without having to suffer.

【Flow of nutrition consultation】


Target weight setting

Daily caloric intake determination

Determining the number of carbohydrates and protein potions ingested from morning, afternoon and evening from the daily caloric intake.

Ask them to eat the determined amount of meals each day, and send me a picture of the meals they eat. I will give feedback on the meal by looking at the picture.

This is an example of one of the meal pictures sent by K during nutrition consultation.

Now I can say,

a lot has changed.

As you can see from this picture, you can eat anything as long as you calculate the right amount of calories to eat everyday.

Afterwards, you can enjoy jiu-jitsu, training , nature and the weight will fall.

A little further to the goal of 89 kilograms! ! !

I will report on K’s diet again in October m (_ _) m

“Training & nutrition consultation”
Usually 165,000 yen is now 135,000 yen at the campaign price! (Tax excluded)
How much is 30000 yen !!!
Limited to 4 people!

Service includes
Training 12 times (4 times a week) + Nutrition consultation (meal setting, meal check during the period)

※ TFN members can also take courses.
Acceptable place
Nihonbashi, Tamachi area, Onimen.
Prices vary depending on location.

For inquiries from the following, please.

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