If you want to learn Brazilian jiu-jitsu please come to my dojo.

Hello I am Daizo Ishige the representative of this Brazilian Jiujitsu dojo Tri-force jiujitsu narimasu

I was studying abroad in the United States at the age of 22.
In the USA I went to the Karate Dojo where I taught Judo.

And I made many familiar American friends through martial arts.
My friendship with those people is still ongoing.

To friends who are not yet seen in Japan.
Please make many Japanese friends through martial arts.

The Japanese will understand your country through you.
You will understand the Japanese by learning martial arts in my dojo.

By understanding each other we think that the world will be peaceful.

I am looking forward to seeing you at my dojo.

Monthly Fee
Twice a week course 10800 yen
Once a week course 8640 yen

class start
Saturday 20: 30~
Sunday at 13:00~


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